Behaviour and Teaching


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In 2005 I completed an 18month course studying canine communication, behaviour and training, including how stress affects our dogs.

This course, plus over 45 years of experience working with and teaching different breeds of dog and listening to and attending courses with many different

behaviourists and trainers, has helped me to understand more clearly how dogs think and why they offer us behaviours that we would rather they didn’t!

I prefer to use the word teaching rather than training as this is a better explaination of what I do.

In 2018 I volunteered at a nature reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. For two weeks I went out daily to monitor the endangered species in that area.

The main animals monitored are African Wild Dogs (also known as Painted Wolves), Lion, Cheetah, Vultures, Elephant, Leopard and Rhino.

Observing the behaviour of the Painted Wolves was an amazing experience. They have a very close family bond and will not abandon one of their pack in difficulty.

They share their food without arguing over it and pups eat first. They work together as a family unit and are very efficient hunters!

Watching them approach each day with such a joy for living

has left a deep and lasting impression on me that I am incorporating into my teaching. 


One To One


 I offer a one to one teaching and behavioural service. I do not run classes as I prefer to work with you

and your dog in real life situations and address your individual concerns, while keeping stress to a minimum.

I can help you with basic teaching (training) or more complicated behaviour problems.

 I work in a holistic way, looking at all the things which may affect the way your dog behaves.

Please contact me for assistance and to discuss your individual requirements.


 Seminars / Talks


I am available to present talks and seminars for clubs or groups of people who are interested in learning more about dogs.

These are based on any dog related topic from applied zoopharmacognosy to understanding canine calming signals.

I love to talk about dogs!



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