Dog Grooming


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I have over 45years experience grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I spent many years attending Open and Championship dog shows and have a good understanding of how different breeds are trimmed.

Currently I offer a grooming service for small and medium sized dogs only.

I offer a calm approach to help nervous dogs, dogs that have had a previous bad experience and puppies to become happier to be groomed and handled.

Every dog is treated as an individual and groomed as near to your expectations as possible.

Please be aware that matts and knots in the coat will affect the length and style that can be achieved.















I offer a bath only if you dog does not require a trim. ( NB coats must not be badly matted )

I use good quality shampoos and can also use your own, or one prescribed by your veterinary surgeon, should you prefer that.

Dogs are dried using hair dryers not drying cabinets




If you are having difficulty keeping your dog's coat well brushed, I will groom out any small matts

and leave your dog looking smart and feeling comfortable.

NB any badly matted coat will have to be clipped off to avoid damaging the dog's skin.


Trimming and Clipping


Dog's coats are trimmed to your specification and if this is not possible , due to coat type or condition,

the most appropriate proceedure will be discussed and agreed on.

Clipping / trimming does not mean that your dog will be shaved! Provided that the coat is not matted it can be trimmed to the length you require.

In the winter, a longer trim can be arranged, but the coat still kept clean and tidy


Learn How to Keep your Dog's Coat Free of Matts











Many people have difficulty grooming their dog.

Learn how to help your dog enjoy being brushed and handled so that you can keep the coat in good condition

Make visits to the vet and grooming salon less stressful by accustoming your dog to being handled in all areas.

I will show you how to work with your dog to overcome any fears of being touched in sensitive areas.

Please ask for details







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