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I look at your dog’s life as a whole and use

 Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Diet, Reiki Healing, Flower Remedies and Teaching

to help improve behaviour, skin and health problems, working alongside any treatment your vet is administering.

If you think your dog has a health problem you must first consult your Veterinary surgeon.
















Reiki Healing is a safe and natural complementary therapy that can be used for any condition.

This healing energy works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to harmonise the whole being.

It is used alongside conventional medicine.

By boosting the body’s natural healing and helping restore peace and calm healing can help animals:

Recover more quickly from illness, operations and injury.

Help behavioural and emotional issues.

Help an animal settle more easily into a new environment.

The healing energy locates the problems that are most in need of healing.

These problems may not be what is expected.

Physical issues can have emotional root causes, and, when it is in the best interest of the animal,

Holistic Healing will help your animal to resolve and release these matters and return to more stable emotional and physical health.






















This allows animals to choose (or refuse) their own medication by offering them

natural, essential oils, base oils, macerates, herbs, clays etc.

They may choose to inhale, ingest or have compounds applied to a specific part of their body.

Animals instinctively know what they need to feel better, but due to our modern living arrangements most do not have access to

the natural herbs, plants, flowers and clays that they need to balance their bodies.

By observing their behaviour when offered the secondary compounds it is possible to allow them to take what they need,

 when they need it and in the quantity that their bodies require.

It can be used to help calm nervous animals, restore depressed animals and help physical problems, alongside veterinary care.

No compound is ever added to their food, as they must always be given the choice to select (or reject) what is offered and take the amount that their body needs.

Each dog is an individual and will select for their unique requirements.

Animals do not regard these compounds as food so will only take them when the body needs them,

at other times they will not be appealing.

 By giving our animals choice we put them back in control of their bodies.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is used for all species of animals.

N.B. Cats should be offered essential oils via inhalation only

 If you are interested in offering your pet this self medication option please contact me

for more information or to make an appointment.

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These are the vibrational energies of individual plants preserved with alcohol.

Each plant has been found to have different abilities to help to restore emotional balance.

The most well known is Bach’s Rescue Remedy which is a mix of five flower essences to help in emergency situations where there is panic and/or trauma.

There are many more essences available to help with all types of emotional imbalance.

 In our modern world dogs are as susceptible to stress as we are and they often absorb, or take on, our emotional energy.

Flower remedies, given alongside a change in training/routine, can help them to balance their energies, becoming less stressed

and better able to cope with daily life. Flower essences are completely safe with no known harmful side effects.

They are easy to administer.



Advice on Diet


The food we give our dogs has a huge influence on their health.

“They are what they eat”

By feeding as natural a diet as possible we can give our dogs the best chance

 of a long and healthy life. A balanced natural diet can also have the added bonus

of making our canine friends less appetising to fleas!





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