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28th September 2011

Dear Anne

I am writing to express my grateful thanks to you for helping my Golden Retriever, Caty to overcome her dreadful fear of visits to the vet.

For the past two to three years, all our visits to the vet have proved to be quite a battle. The first major problem was getting through the outer doors.

Once inside, I struggled to cope with a dog who became increasingly more stressed and agitated. Of course, apart from her behaviour also being very

upsetting for me, it was also making any veterinary treatment very difficult, if not impossible.

You showed great patience and kindness during our consultation with you, allowing Caty to smell and make her own choice from the many essential oils offered to her.

After turning her head away time after time showing no interest, she suddenly had a very positive reaction to one particular oil.

By her own instinct, she had discovered the one she wanted.

We had occasion to visit our vet recently and both myself and my vet were amazed by the transformation of Caty’s behaviour.

By allowing her access to a small amount of the essential oil she had chosen at the time of our appointment, she visibly relaxed and became quite calm.

Future visits to the vet will no longer be feared by either of us. A wonderful result which surpassed all expectations.

A big thank you from Caty and me.

Yours sincerely





May 2012


Having been clients of Top To Tail since 2005, we continue to be delighted with the high level of skill and professionalism that is demonstrated at each visit.

Over the years, we have presented Anne with many challenges, ranging from preparing a dog for show to advising on the training of a dog

with a severe phobia of walking. Without exception, Anne has risen to the challenge and produced highly favourable results every time.

Whether it is training advice or grooming that is required, I would actively seek to recommend Top To Tail as a high quality, professional service for dog owners.

Claudia & Margaret, Tiverton


November 2012

Dear Anne,

Thank you so very much for all of your help. I can’t put into words just how grateful I am to you for helping me with the issues and worry I have had

over the last 4 years with our 8 year old Shih Tzu dog, Elle. I am totally amazed at the effect the oils have had in calming Elle and the way you have been

able to work with her in overcoming her aggression towards being groomed, all in such a short space of time.

Before finding you, I had tried endless avenues and numerous groomers but Elle just seemed to be getting progressively worse and after having

to resort to sedating her at the vets to be groomed, I really did not want that to be a permanent solution. I just could not believe my eyes when

I saw her standing there letting you groom her as calm as anything. I feel like you have lifted a massive weight from my shoulders.

Elle seems much happier since her appointment with you earlier in the week and she has not been trembling like she used to do after being groomed.

You are truly amazing and have a wonderful gift and ability to communicate with animals, I only wish I had known about you sooner.

Thank you so much, we will look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months for Elle’s next appointment.


Kindest regards

Lynda and Elle, Dawlish





Having just lost his 13 ½ year old best friend and then been faced with the pain and exercise restrictions associated with an orthopaedic condition,

life was proving somewhat stressful for our 8 month old Golden Retriever. Almost overnight we lost our calm, carefree boy

and were presented with a barking, hyperactive dog that had lost all comprehension of his training. Early management of this situation was obviously key

so when our attempts to address the problem failed, we turned to Anne for help and advice.

Without hesitation Anne identified the problem as being anxiety based and one for which a cure lay in Zoopharmacognosy. Having previously heard about a

Golden Retriever whose fear of the Vets had been remedied by Anne through recourse to Zoopharmacognosy, we were keen to 'give it a go'.

On arriving at our house Anne was greeted by an exuberant puppy and indeed whilst filling out the relevant forms about his history,

he continued to make his presence known! Everything, however, was soon to change.... From the moment that Anne started offering him various oils

we gradually saw the return of our calm and relaxed puppy. At no point was he 'given' an oil, he 'chose' the oils he clearly needed and within

a very short space of time he had fallen asleep! Whilst instructed by Anne that he may need to be ‘offered’ his 'chosen oils' on other occasions,

the situation has not yet arisen. Later in the year, however, our new Labrador puppy also met with the misfortune of developing an orthopaedic condition

for which surgery and significant exercise restrictions were required. Now aware that the recovery period would probably cause stress to our puppy,

we chose to adopt a more preventive approach and offered him some oils right at the start of his recovery. The effect once again was that of instilling

an immediate sense of calm into our puppy which appeared to ‘set him up’ for his long recovery.

Clearly, Zoopharmacognosy was the way forward for both our Golden Retriever and our Labrador and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending

it to other owners experiencing similar anxiety based behaviours from their dogs.

When treating our Golden Retriever, Anne's extensive knowledge of this practice was demonstrated through her quick identification of appropriate oils

and for this we are very grateful. Ultimately all that was needed was 2 hours of our time and the need for an ongoing awareness should the situation arise

in which our Golden Retriever may benefit from being ‘offered’ his chosen oils again.